When you want window blinds, rest assured that our helpful staff at The Decor Connection will give you the best service, best products, and most competitive prices!

Customers call us all the time and ask, “What window blinds do you offer?”  I am always so happy to rattle off the list of amazing products we sell. I will give an overview of each one.


Venetian Window Blinds

Aluminium Venetian window blinds come in three slat sizes: 25mm, 35mm., 50mm.  From plain colors to wood looks, hammered patterns, metallics and pearls. We have different extras for different ranges such as ladder tape or wood valances (not always available on 25mm. Slatted window blinds).

venetian window blinds

Wood Venetian window blinds: These come in 35mm. (limited options), 50mm., 63mm.  Wood is made of Basswood therefore it is durable and has a classic style that will always be in fashion.  From natural wood colors and textures to solid colors, we have a huge range of options for you. Wood Venetian window blinds are not ideal for North facing windows as they will fade and splinter if subjected to too much sunlight.  In these cases, we recommend lighter wood colors or other products. Wood doesn’t do well in humid environments so we never sell it for a bathroom.

Wooden Venetian Window Blinds

Bamboo Venetian Window Blinds: These are available in 50mm. Slats.  They come in natural finishes and are our newest addition to the Venetian Window Blind family.  They’re lighter than wood, as the slats are thinner. Their main selling point is that they are the only natural product recommended for bathrooms!  They come UV protected as well which helps with longevity.

Fauxwood/Plaswood Venetian Window Blinds: These are composite materials and are therefore ideal for humid environments (such as bathrooms).  They come in all sorts of natural solid colors to metallics and even some which have a wood grain finish. They’re quite heavy so larger windows would need to be split into two or more blinds.  They are wipeable and easy to maintain.

plaswood window blinds

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Roman Window Blinds are a fashionable alternative to the roller window blind.  They come in neatly defined panels on a modern mechanism which effortlessly raise and lower with the use of a “loop chain” as I refer to it.  There’s no excess chain hanging down all over the floor like the old fashioned Roman Blinds! They come in high-end, warm fabrics. Roman blinds are suitable for the customer who likes the feel of a curtain and doesn’t want the burden of so much material taking up so much space in the room.

Roman Window Blinds

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Roller Window Blinds

Roller blinds are my forte.  I love selling rollers because I’ve come to know them inside and out, this is because they’re our best sellers and come in three categories:

Sheerweave: A sheerweave Roller Window Blind allows in light, while providing our customers with privacy from outside eyes peering in.  It protects wood furniture and flooring as well as lounge suites in addition to this it also reduces glare on TV and computer screens and is wipeable to boot. Basically it’s like a magical material made of unicorns and fairies.  Not really, but almost. For more, see this post 

Sheer weave roller window blinds

Light filtering: A light filtering Roller Window Blind gives privacy when pulled down, but is not completely blockout.  Most people like the variation of colors and textures available and don’t generally choose light filtering options for bedrooms as you do see some light coming through the material.

Roller Window Blinds

Blockout: blockout roller window blinds do just what is in their name–they block out all the light.  Tiny amounts of light will escape in between the material and the windowsill or above the actual roll, but it is minimal.

Blockout Roller Window Blinds


  • A top seller for us is wood valances.  A wood valance is a beautiful color coordinated piece of wood that covers the tube at the top of the roller blind.  It adds a nice finish to the blind at minimal cost.
  • Metal chains are a common add-on.  Metal chains are more durable than their plastic counterparts and have a more modern look.  Some suppliers also offer a selection of plastic chain options: grey, black, white, cream, and brown.

Metal Chain on Roller Window Blinds


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Vertical Window Blinds

Vertical Window Blinds are understated.  Most suitable for large spaces, they come in 127mm. or 90mm. slat widths.  They’re versatile, economical, and come in a huge selection of colors and fabrics.  They are most commonly sold in warehouses and offices, though we do also sell them in domestic settings as well.  There are even PVC wipeable fabrics to choose from as well.

Vertical Window Blinds

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Everyone loves shutters, though not everyone can afford them.  They’re a modern take on a classic styleand they come in PVC, Solid wood, or aluminium (security).  They come with or without a center control rod and boast a 3 year to 10 year warranty depending on the product you choose.  There are different opening styles, panel sizes, and color options. There is also the option to customize the color you want!  Shutters are also ideal for arched windows as the solid wood options are completely size customizeable. They’re a top seller of ours and no one is ever sorry with their purchase. For more on Shutters, see this post

Shutters Window Blinds

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Honeycomb /Pleated Window Blinds

Quite new to The Decor Connection is the pleated blind.  It folds like an accordion and has some really nice qualities.  Some of the materials are completely washable. They also offer day/night options with a sheer fabric for the day and a blockout at night. Honeycomb blinds are a great option for angled windows. 

Honey Comb Window Blinds

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