• Building

    Planning for Blinds when Building

    Construction Ahead! You might be wondering how we go about quoting for blinds for a construction site?!  Especially towards the end of the year (October onwards), we receive a lot of interest for blinds quotes for unfinished buildings.  Whether it's home, or office, or something [...]

  • Motorized Blinds

    Motorized Blinds

    Motorized Blinds (Automated Blinds) Automated Blinds / Motorized Blinds are a beautiful, sophisticated, easy solution to modernize your home.  Almost any blind that we sell can be motorised or automated.  This includes Venetian Blinds, Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds, Panel Blinds and Curtains. How They Work [...]

  • Security Gate

    Security Gates with Style

    Security Gates are a necessary evil... Let's be honest.  In South Africa, security is a necessary evil.  With the number of break ins increasing, it's even more important to ensure you and your loved ones and staff are properly protected inside their homes or offices.  [...]

  • curtains and blinds

    Curtains and Blinds

    Curtains and Blinds There are times when coupling a curtains and blinds really is the best option for your space.  Some customers love the warmth and elegance of a curtain but also enjoy the practicality of a blind.  In these situations, I recommend a blind [...]

  • price of blinds

    Affordable Blinds – What Are Your Best Options

    Affordable Blinds - Price vs. Quality The affordable blinds debate comes down to price vs. quality.  How does the quality of the blinds we sell affect our pricing.  And what makes blinds affordable after all?  IMHO, affordable blinds are quality blinds that come at a [...]

  • blinds quote

    A Blinds Lady’s Home Blinds

    Me Me Me and MY Home Blinds Finally, a post about little ol' me.  The 'Blinds Lady' herself.  Get ready for an article that will shock you to the core as I discuss what home blinds I have myself, what I truly love (and what [...]

  • lady staring at venetian blinds

    Price of Window Blinds

    What is the Price of Window Blinds Price Shmice... It's a difficult question.  The price of window blinds depends on a number of different factors.  Let's go through them together before we tackle THE BIG QUESTION. Window Size In order to accurately price blinds, we [...]

  • Skylight Blinds

    Skylight Blinds

    Skylight Blinds = Glorious Sun! Sometimes, our space doesn't receive the natural sunlight we crave!  This can be due to bad building design, a foliage problem, or skyscraper neighbours!  Whatever the reason, a skylight definitely enhances the look and feel of your space.  Sunlight makes [...]

  • Blinds for a Rental Property

    Blinds for a Rental Property

    Choosing Blinds for a Rental Property Customers feel "cheated" when they need blinds for a rental property they're living in.  It's a common call that we receive.  The customer wants their rental to look comfortable, finished, and beautiful.  BUT, they don't want to spend a [...]

  • measuring for blinds

    Rough Measurements – When we use them

    Rough Measurements -- Yours v.s. Ours Sometimes a customer calls with "Rough Measurements" of their windows for a pricing.  We don't mind providing basic pricing based on rough measurements.  However, keep in mind that the difference of even 5mm. can affect the price of your [...]

  • price of blinds

    What Is The Price Of Blinds

    What is the price of blinds? This is a loaded question and the price of blinds depend on many things!  I always tell my customers that there: Is no standard size window Are multiple ranges within blind types Are "extras" which can also affect the [...]

  • sliding door blinds

    Sliding Door Blinds

    When Your Window Is A Door Blinds cover lots of different openings.  What do we do when you need Sliding Door Blinds?  There are still lots of options available, so don't fret! Stacking And Sliding It doesn't matter what you call it.  If it opens, [...]

  • blinds quote

    Blinds Quote – Book Yours Today

    Venetian Blinds Whether your style is classic or contemporary. Roller Blinds From sheerweave to total blockout, we've got you covered. Shutters Offering luxury and practicality for every room of your home. Roman Blinds Shade your home with timeless tranquillity Vertical Blinds The perfect balance between [...]

  • Bay Window Blinds Roller

    Bay Window Blinds – The Inside Story

    Bay Window Blinds: Elegance Defined There's nothing more relaxing than sitting in front of a bay window in the winter.  Sun streaming in from every direction, it's cozy and warm.  But how do we cover them?!  In the blinds field, this is not an easy [...]

  • Venetian Blinds.jpg

    Venetian Blinds – Options Galore

    Venetian Blinds - The Basics Venetian Blinds are available in different materials.  We will be discussing each one as well as their applications: faux wood/plaswood, aluminium, basswood, bamboo.  They also are available in different slat sizes: 25mm., 35mm., 50mm., and 63mm.  Don't worry, we will [...]

  • Blinds Safety

    Blinds Safety – Being Proactive

    Blinds Safety We won't get into the nitty gritty but needless to say, we have an obligation to make sure our kids are as safe as possible in our homes.  We are a family company and aside from selling fabulous blinds, we are raising fabulous [...]

  • Blinds Colours – What to Pick

    Where To Start: Blinds Colour Some customers know they want blinds but feel "blinded" by all the blinds colours out there.  Once the customer has narrowed down the type of blind, it's time to decide on colors.  This can be overwhelming.  But the part of [...]

  • Cleaning Blinds

    Cleaning Blinds Regularly – Ensuring Blinds Last Longer

    Cleaning Blinds, Creating Longevity Everyone wants long the most longevity out of their blinds as possible.  This article will help you with cleaning blinds so you get the longest life out of them. Venetian Blinds Overview As with all blinds, the key is to keep [...]

  • Honeycomb Blinds

    Honeycomb Blinds – Elegant Simplicity

    Honeycomb Blinds The newest addition to our blinds family.  Honeycomb blinds are also referred to as “Pleated Blinds”.  They are available in light filtering or total blockout. These beautiful, sleek blinds offer versatility, beauty and practicality.  Honeycomb blinds come in completely washable and wipeable fabrics [...]

  • Vertical Blinds

    Vertical Blinds – The Ups and Downs

    Vertical Blinds & Panel Blinds Vertical Blinds and Panel Blinds often get overshadowed by Roller Blinds and Venetian Blinds.  However, these sliding options can be preferred over others due to their practicality and sleek lines.  If this sounds good to you, then read on! Vertical [...]

  • Outdoor Blinds

    Outdoor Blinds – Utilising Your Space

    Outdoor Blinds - Utilising Your Outdoor Space We have a lot of interest in our Outdoor Blinds.  Lots of customers decide to enclose or partially enclose a patio, making it useable outdoor space.  The problem lies when the weather is either less-than-ideal or when the [...]

  • Roller Blind Main Image

    Roller Blinds – The Ins And Outs

    Roller Blinds, Always A Hit! A large majority of the blinds we sell are Roller Blinds.  Roller blinds , as I always say, are the modern version of a Roman Blind.  Roller blinds work similarly to a Roller Towel / toilet roll.  There is a [...]

  • Blind Designs

    Blind Designs – Available from The Decor Connection Blinds

    Blind Designs One of our preferred manufacturers is Blind Designs. They’ve been in business even longer than we have!  Blind Designs carries an array of blind types. They’re known for their reliability, durability, and quick turn-around times.   Why We Prefer The Best Blind Designs [...]

  • Domestic Room Blinds

    Domestic Room Blinds

    Domestic Room Blinds It always makes me smile when we get a call from a customer wanting to revamp their domestic’s quarters.  Our staff work so hard for us day in and day out and why not make their room feel like home by outfitting [...]

  • Kitchen Blinds

    Kitchen Blinds – All the Options!

    Kitchen Blinds As a Mom, I can tell you that we spend most of our day in and out of the kitchen.  The kitchen is a place of both stress and tranquility. It is where we nurture our little one’s stomachs (let’s be honest, our [...]

  • Building Blinds

    Blinds for a Building – Where To Start

    Blinds for a Building We work with a lot of contractors so it’s not so unusual to get a call from one we know or from one who has heard of us from a friend.  The call is usually short but sweet, “Hi, my name [...]

  • Office Blinds

    Office Blinds – What Works?

    Office blinds, balancing style and practicality We get so many calls from customers needing office blinds. Sometimes the call is for their home office and sometimes for an office building. These customers tend to feel overwhelmed at the daunting burden of excessive costs and of [...]

  • cild looking through venetian blinds

    Kids Room Blinds – What’s Best?

    Kids Room Blinds We love getting calls to do a kids room blinds.  There are endless options to go with kid-friendly decor.  A common question Moms ask me is: what will be the most durable?  Generally speaking, Venetian Blinds, when operated by a child, aren’t [...]

  • Johannesburg Blinds

    Blinds Johannesburg, We Sell Blinds!

    It's what we do We sell blinds, and we sell them in Johannesburg, Roller blinds, Venetian Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Roman Blinds, Shutters and more! Yes, blinds Johannesburg, blinds! It's what we do, and if that is all you need to know before getting in touch with [...]

  • Window Blinds

    Window Blinds – What We Sell

    When you want window blinds, rest assured that our helpful staff at The Decor Connection will give you the best service, best products, and most competitive prices! Customers call us all the time and ask, “What window blinds do you offer?”  I am always so [...]

  • level

    Window is Skew, What to do?

    It can happen... Our expert team of installers go out to site to install the carefully chosen blinds.  I am sure I ordered the blind correctly. And I am sure my installer has his spirit level with him to ensure a nice, even fit.  Then [...]

  • Decorator

    Working with an Interior Decorator

    It started a couple years ago that a girl I know started working for herself as an interior decorator.  She contacted me to see what I offered for window blinds potentially to use for her customers.  Since then we’ve worked on a few jobs together. [...]

  • roman blinds

    Roman Blinds are out of Style? Not a Chance!

    Avert Your Eyes! For a long time, I avoided eye-contact when a customer brought up Roman blinds.  Usually they contacted me because they needed a repair on existing Roman Blinds.  Unfortunately,  the guy I always used stop doing these repairs because they were too time-consuming and [...]

  • Shutters

    Shutters, Are They Worth It?

    Cha-Ching One of the most fun things that I sell is shutters.  Customers looking for shutters know that it can be a major investment but one reaps large rewards as well.  Property agents have assured me that installing them into our homes is one way [...]

  • Bathroom Blinds

    Bathroom Blinds, Do’s and Dont’s

    Bathroom blinds: the final frontier of window coverings. Bathrooms are a dichotomy.  They’re used for so many different reasons from keeping clean to brushing teeth to applying makeup to, er, other stuff… When people come to me wanting advice what to put as bathroom blinds, [...]

  • shearweave roller blinds

    Why get a Sheerweave Roller Blind

    Sheerweave Roller Blind We had a customer just this week complaining about her furniture being damaged from the sun’s harmful rays.  Usually these are customers who enjoy the natural light coming in, but have had it “up to here” with their fabulous furnishings getting faded [...]

  • Duo Roller blinds

    The Allure of Duo Roller Blinds

    The Beautiful Duo Roller Blinds Ah, yes, duo roller blinds.  Who can resist their charm? Those modern, classic, chic stripes which allow for natural light to enter as well as privacy at night.  Duo Roller Blinds come in a huge selection of neutral tones.  They [...]

  • Guest Bedroom Blinds

    Guest Bedroom Blinds – Host with Style

    Guest Bedroom Blinds Lots of us have that room in our houses.  Sometimes we refer to it as the “study”, sometimes it is the “storage room”.  Sometimes we call it the “one day it will be for a baby” room.  Other times we call it [...]

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