• blockout blinds and blockout curtains

    Blockout Curtains vs Blockout Blinds

    Difference Between Blockout Curtains vs Blockout Blinds We receive so many calls from customers confused about which window covering to choose.  For sure the customer wants blockout / blackout over the window.  If you aren't sure the difference between Blockout Curtains and Blockout Blinds, read [...]

  • Return Customer Blinds

    Return Blinds Customers

    Return Again One of the most rewarding parts of my job is receiving calls from return blinds customers.  Nothing makes me feel more privileged than a customers who orders from our company more than once.  It means they are satisfied with the product and service [...]

  • Luxaflex

    Luxaflex is The Best of the Best

    Originally developed and designed in Europe, Luxaflex is THE name for quality blinds and shutters in South Africa.  I am incredibly proud to represent the Luxaflex name and to be able to offer it to all of my customers.  From budget friendly options to luxurious [...]

  • 2020 In Reveiw

    2020: Highlights and Lowlights

    2020 - The Year Of Change This year has been eventful to say the least.  We started off with a bang, fully registering our company as a (Pty) Ltd!  Orders were flowing in and my confidence in selling more shutters and skylight blinds was rising!  [...]

  • Technology in our business

    Blinds, Business and Technology

    Motorized Blinds and Home Automation While The Decor Connection proudly offers home automation in the form of Motorized Blinds, this is not a blog about that... I want to offer you the reader and other entrepreneurs insight into how technology has shaped our business and [...]

  • venetian blinds

    Blinds for Sale

    Blinds For Sale We are proud to offer new sales of most types of blinds.  Whether you're interested in something cost effective or high end, we have you covered.  Our sales department works quickly and efficiently.   From the time we first make contact with [...]

  • sheerweave

    Blind Designs Sheerweave Rollers

    Blind Designs Sheerweave Rollers Sheerweave blinds are appealing because they're holier than thou (read: the material is full of holes!).  The Blind Designs Sheerweave rollers are beautiful and practical.  They are basically a netted material that allows in light while reducing heat and damage from [...]

  • Blinds repairs

    Blinds Repairs

    Make Old Blinds Like New: Blinds Repairs Does it sound enticing to make your old blinds like new again?  I thought so.  Often times, we can refurbish your old blinds to make them run more smoothly.  Blinds Repairs are an economical choice to ensure longevity [...]

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