The Decor Connection Blinds ensures that you get maximum longevity out of your blinds investment. Through basic repairs and maintenance, even after your warranty period has expired, most blinds that are experiencing technical issues will be able to function as new again To ensure your blinds’ appearance matches their renewed functionality, The Decor Connection also offers Blinds Cleaning Services.


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Damaged Tilting/Lifting Mechanisms

Broken/Missing Parts

Broken Slats

Damage to Strings/Cords/Chains


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Cleaning of Roller Blinds

Cleaning of Venetian Blinds / Honeycomb Blinds

Cleaning of Roman Blinds

Cleaning of Vertical Blinds


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Blinds Repairs – Frequently Asked Questions

Revitalising old blinds to a near-new condition is not only possible but also a cost-effective solution. Our professional blinds repair services offer an economical way to enhance the longevity of your blinds. General wear and tear, along with common usage issues, can lead to several repairable problems. The following section details typical issues our customers face, showcasing our expertise in efficient and effective blinds repair.

Common Issues – What Can Be Repaired?

Among the frequent issues with blinds that customers encounter are:

Blinds Repairs

Venetian Blind Repairs

  • Correcting skew issues during raising or lowering
  • Ensuring venetian blinds maintain upright position
  • Replacing missing parts like valance clips and bottom bar buttons
  • Repairing damaged valances and broken slats
  • Fixing or replacing broken toggles and tassels
  • Customizing width, including tile cut-outs
  • Restringing worn strings and installing new ladder string

Roller Blind Repairs

  • Addressing roller blind issues with staying open or operating correctly
  • Repairing or replacing broken chains and bottom bars
  • Ensuring missing parts like chains and end caps are replaced
Roller Blind Repairs

Vertical Blind Repairs

  • Resolving sliding and tilting issues with vertical blinds
  • Replacing broken or missing bottom chains and weights
  • Repairing or replacing damaged components

Honeycomb (Duette) Blind Repairs

  • Fixing tilting, upright position, and lowering issues on honeycomb blinds
  • Repairing or replacing broken cords and mechanisms
  • Addressing damages to the bottom bar
  • Addressing issues with staying open or operating correctly
Honeycomb blind repairs
Roman Blind Repairs

Roman Blind Repairs

  • Conducting re-stringing and operational repairs on roman blinds
  • Replacing broken dowels, bottom bars, and damaged velcro
  • Repairing or replacing damaged chains and snapped strings
  • Addressing missing O-Rings and other components

The Decor Connection Blinds is adept at addressing these common problems. Our extensive stock includes parts and brackets from all major manufacturers, enabling our expert repair team to modify components for both older and contemporary blinds.

Blinds Repairs – Can The Damage Be Too Extensive?

Customers often inquire about the feasibility of repairing extensively damaged blinds. In instances where blinds are beyond repair, The Decor Connection Blinds provides both a repair quote and an alternative quote for new blinds. The commitment is to offer honest advice about the cost-effectiveness of repairs versus purchasing new blinds. While repairs are generally more economical, the warranty on new blinds can be appealing to some customers. The company is dedicated to accommodating individual preferences.

If the repair costs exceed the initial quote during an in-office evaluation, customers are promptly informed of any price adjustments. This ensures transparency before proceeding, except in cases where repairs have been authorised by the customer, regardless of cost.

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Blinds Cleaning – Can Blinds Be Washed?

Blinds Cleaning

Customers frequently bring blinds laden with dust and grime for repairs. At The Decor Connection Blinds, we propose a thorough cleaning service alongside repairs, ensuring the blinds not only function like new but also appear rejuvenated. Our team of technicians handles each blind with care and professionalism, especially when dealing with older, more fragile materials like Vertical Blinds.

We advise customers on the feasibility of cleaning to avoid damage to worn materials. Cleaning blinds is a specialised task; our team is adept at using the right techniques and cleaners to prevent damage during the cleaning process.

Special Offers – Why Use The Decor Connection?

For existing customers, The Decor Connection Blinds offers special discount for customers who have already purchased blinds from our company. This also means new customers purchasing blinds for the first time can also take advantage of specials on repairs and cleaning on their existing blinds.

The Decor Connection Blinds is here to help you with all of your blinds cleaning and blinds repairs.

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