Outdoor Blinds – Utilising Your Outdoor Space

We have a lot of interest in our Outdoor Blinds.  Lots of customers decide to enclose or partially enclose a patio, making it useable outdoor space.  The problem lies when the weather is either less-than-ideal or when the sun beats in uncomfortably in the afternoon.  Our Outdoor Blind options are a great solution to these problems.  They allow you to close off an otherwise open space, making more usable space.  It allows the feeling of being outdoors while being more protected from the elements.

Sheerweave Outdoor Blinds

Sheerweave Outdoor Blinds

Sheerweave outdoor blinds allow the natural light to penetrate while protecting your furniture from fading.  Available in various “openness” percentages, Outdoor Sheerweave Blinds come in a vast array of colors.  Outdoor Sheerweave Blinds come in 1%, 3%, 5% and 10% openness factors.  The lower number “openness”, the less light penetrates.  While this is great for your furniture and heat reduction, it isn’t as great for light.  Most customers want the benefits of the light while they’re on their patios.  It’s something we can always discuss while we’re preparing your quotation.

Unlike indoor Sheerweave Roller Blinds,  Outdoor Sheerweave Roller Blinds are more durable and can be made to much wider dimensions.  As agents for many trusted manufacturers, we have so many choices in fabrics and colors.  Very large sizes (widths over about 6meters and drops more than 3 meters) might necessitate a material seam.  If your blind falls within these specifications, we would let you know prior to ordering.

Clear Plastic Outdoor Roller Blinds

Plastic Rollers provide more protection from the elements than Sheerweave Roller Blinds.  Available in clear and tinted, these blinds allow the user to see out of the blinds with ease at any time of day.  Wind and rain cannot penetrate the material at all.


Motorised Outdoor Blinds

Some manufacturers have motorization options for your Outdoor Blinds.  They work using a plug point and a customisable remote control.  We can pre-program the settings ahead of time!

Channel Systems / Hold-Down-Clamps

Customers worry that their outdoor blinds will billow in the wind.  However, all Outdoor Blinds that we carry come with hold-down-clamps.  A hook gets installed into the flooring and a hook comes down from the bottom of the blinds.

Some manufacturers offer a side channel system.  The channel system allows the customer to be protected from most of the outdoor elements.  Also referred to as a U-Channel, the side channel system is a great solution for customers who want to heat their outdoor space in the winter, or for customers for whom the wind is a big factor. It decreases the gap between the side of the material and the walls on either side.


A great additional feature of Outdoor Sheerweave Blinds is a side wire guide.  This wire guide allows the roller blind to be held taut.  This means that if the blind is only half-way lowered, that it won’t flap around.  The guide-wire keeps the blind tightly in place.  This wire is suitable for openings where there’s only one blind per opening.  More blinds means that the side wire would be floating between your opening, making for a potentially hazardous situation!

Crank System

Outdoor Roller Blinds are easy to manoeuvre.  All Outdoor Blinds come with a crank which attaches next to the roll at the top of the blind.   It takes a few turns to raise and lower the blind.  Generally, one crank is included per order.  Should more than one crank be required, we can order more!