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Bathrooms are the most versatile room of your home. With so many considerations, it may be hard to determine what will be the best blind for your bathroom.

Keeping in mind price point, practicality, longevity, and style, it’s important to figure out the best blind for your space. Generally, bathroom windows are smaller relative to other windows in your home, which means options are really seemingly endless.

Keep reading for the best options for Bathroom Window Blinds.


Venetian blinds, in general, are a great choice for a bathroom.

Venetians offer light control when the slats are tilted at an angle. Easy to operate and able to fully close or open for a clear-view out of your window, Venetian blinds are the most popular choice for bathrooms.


Plaswood blinds are composite materials that appear nearly identical in look and feel to wood. They’re extremely durable and are available in solids as well as myriad wood-look finishes! Plaswood blinds are easy to maintain as they may be wiped with a damp cloth.


Operating and lifting a Plaswood Blind is easy due to the corded strings. Lighter than wood, customers find Plaswood Blinds a simple and elegant choice for bathrooms.


Aluminium Venetians are a cost effective choice for bathroom windows. Customers enjoy how light and easy these blinds are to operate.

The downside to aluminium venetians is they can dent if not treated properly. The best way to ensure longevity out of your aluminium Venetians is to ensure the blind is lifted before operating the window behind the blind. For customers with limited reveal space, rentors, or price-sensitive customers, Aluminium Venetians are the optimum choice.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds are available in three slat sizes: 25mm., 35mm., 50mm. Slat sizes are determined by look as well as space issues, practicality and budget. Generally 50mm. Aluminium Blinds come with a valance to cover the headrail at the top for a more finished look.

There are manufacturers who utilize the “split control” system on 25mm. slatted blinds. This means the tilting strings are on the opposite side of the lifting strings. Generally speaking, however, the controls are able to be ordered on the same side of the blind.


Bamboo Venetians are a beautiful product for a bathroom window.  Bamboo, as opposed to Basswood, grows in water so it is water resistant itself.  These blinds are the only natural product recommended in bathrooms.

Available in plain white as well as natural bamboo tones, they add an earthy, classic look to your window.

These blinds are lighter than wood to operate.  They often come UV coated for extra protection against eventual fading from the sun.


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Roller blinds can be a perfect choice for your bathroom window. Depending on the material, they’re ideal because they are easy to operate, hygienic, and have a sleek, modern look and feel. Most roller blinds are fitted with a stainless steel chain which is rust resistant for even the most humid bathroom.

While roller blinds are available with Wood valances, it is important to be cognisant of the fact that wood in a moist room of the home is not the ideal choice. Depending on the level of moisture in the room the wood can waterspot over time. For rooms with less moisture it is a beautiful finish for the roller blind in a bathroom.

Sheerweave roller blind for bathroom


Sheerweave roller blinds are a great option for bathrooms. Allowing for sun protection and privacy during the day, sheerweave rollers are water resistant and extremely durable in windows with intense sunlight.

Some customers prefer something more blockout as at night it is possible to see in through a sheerweave blind.



PVC blockout blinds are a modern, sleek fabric available in many different colour options for your bathroom window blind.

Wipeable and waterproof, a PVC material will ensure you have privacy in your bathroom at all times of day.

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There is an important distinction between water resistant shutters and waterproof shutters. Depending on whether or not the shutter is inside a shower or not will determine the right material for your bathroom shutter.

A shutter allows for filtering the direct sunlight when you tilt the louvres as well as completely opening the shutter for full view of the window.


A non security PVC shutter is a great choice for a bathroom window. Water resistant, they are available in many color options. A PVC shutter comes with or without a tilt rod depending on the look the customer is going for. A hidden tilt rod means the customer has a more clear view of the window without the line of site hindered by the vertical stick.

PVC shutters are only available in a 90mm. Louvre and are installed with a 2-5 year warranty.


Polyresin non-security shutters are only manufactured by Luxaflex and are installed with a 20-year warranty. Completely waterproof, these shutters may be applied to any window opening including showers and even outdoor spaces.

Polyresin shutters insulate better than any other product on the market meaning your bathroom will be warmer in the winter and kept cooler in the summer. The material is incredibly durable meaning it won’t ever crack, fade, or warp, even under extreme conditions.



Aluminium shutters are not all identical. There are security and non security options. Either are ideal for bathrooms as the aluminium is rust proof. Non-security shutters are ideal for a window in a shower as they are waterproof. There are many color options in aluminium shutters so be sure to ask what specific color can be made up for your bathroom.

A security shutter, with a more expensive price tag than a non-security aluminium shutter, is fitted with bolts and locking systems to effectively protect your windows from intruders. Nearly impenetrable and with clean, smooth lines, it is a window covering and security product all rolled up into one. Complete with a 10-year warranty, aluminium security shutters are a perfect choice for your bathroom window.


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Vertical blinds are a practical choice for any window in your home, even for bathroom windows. Vertical blinds are extremely easy to operate and tilt to filter the sun. With options to side stack or center split (or even center stack), each one is customizable to your space.

Vertical Blinds for a bathroom


Vertical slats are available in 90mm. Or 127mm., with the 90mm. being the most popular choice for a home window. For a limited reveal space, the 90mm. Is also the most practical choice for some bathroom windows.

As with all ranges of blinds for a bathroom it is important to remember that not all fabrics are ideal in a bathroom as some can waterspot and warp with moisture. A PVC or sheerweave fabric is ideal for a bathroom as the material is water resistant. A PVC blockout fabric will ensure privacy day and night and will block most of the light from entering the room. A sheerweave fabric will filter the sun coming in but will not offer full privacy at night.

Keeping in mind that some customers find the weights and chains at the bottom of the vertical blinds to be cumbersome, as long as they’re operated properly they can last for many many years.

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An incredibly popular choice for bathrooms are Duette/Honeycomb blinds. These blinds are incredibly easy and light to operate with a cord, offering a full view of the window when raised.

Duette blinds come in 25mm and 32mm pleats which means they easily fit into a window reveal where other blinds would not have enough space. This is enticing to customers who feel the blinds would be more suitable recessed.

honeycomb light filtering blinds bathroom


Light filtering fabrics allow some light to filter in through the material. Not only are the colors choices abundant, but sheerweave options are available as well. These blinds are completely washable which means that they are suitable in a shower as well.

honeycomb blockout blinds bathroom-min


Blockout honeycomb / duette blinds are also a great choice for a bathroom window. The material is water resistant and can even be cleaned with a damp cloth. With lots of color and fabric ranges to choose from these are an ideal choice for a bathroom window.


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Blinds that cannot fit into the “window reveal” will need to be installed “face fix”. This means it is affixed above the window. This may be problematic in a bathroom.

Roller blinds are not necessarily recommended for Face Fix application in a bathroom. This is due to the fact that there might be pipes installed into the walls where the brackets would be installed.

For this reason, a Shutter, Venetian, Vertical, or Duette / Honeycomb blinds are more suitable for a bathroom window for facefix application.

Reveal and Face fix blinds


One important caveat to this discussion is to mention showers. While some blinds are made of water resistant material, it is important to be cognisant that only certain materials are designed to be installed inside a shower.

Blinds for a shower


It is important for any type of blind to determine which side the chain or cord is on. The customer needs to decide which side makes more practical sense. For instance, if the window is over the bath and only one side of the window can be accessed.


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Cleats are a welcome addition to any blind in any room of your home. Whether roller or Venetian, cleats allow the chain to hang in a more tidy fashion. Also a child safety feature, cleats hold the chains or cords / strings out of the way of nosy little ones!


Motorizing blinds is a popular choice for any type of blind in any room of your home. Using either battery options or plug point operation motorization eliminates the need for a chain or a cord, leaving the customer with a more modern look.

Practically, the customer needs to keep in mind that all blinds need to be compliant with government regulations regarding electrics in a bathroom.

In Conclusion, The Decor Connection Blinds is here to help you make an informed decision about bathroom blinds.

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Bathroom Blinds, Do’s and Dont’s2018-11-19T12:08:55+02:00

Bathroom blinds: the final frontier of window coverings.

Bathrooms are a dichotomy.  They’re used for so many different reasons from keeping clean to brushing teeth to applying makeup to, er, other stuff…

When people come to me wanting advice what to put as bathroom blinds, I give them four main options: Fauxwood/Plaswood Venetian Blinds, Aluminium Venetian Blinds, Bamboo Venetian Blinds, or PVC/Sheerweave Roller Blinds.  There are differences in durability, price-point and style. I’ll go through the differences that I explain to customers on a daily basis.


Bathroom Blinds - Wood

Plaswood: these are composite materials that look similar to real wood but have a more plastic-y type of finish.  They’re quite durable and come in quite a few color options from white all the way to dark brown and greys, with lots of cream colors thrown in just to confuse you!  They’re completely wipeable and will last for many, many years as bathroom blinds.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds


Bathroom Blinds - Aluminium

Aluminium Venetian: These do great with moisture.  The upside is that they cost quite a bit less than wood or plaswood.  The downside is that if they aren’t treated kindly, the slats can dent.  For instance if you don’t wipe them down gently or stick your hand through the slats to say, open a window, then they will dent and bend.  Aluminium Venetian blinds can come with a Wood valance at the customer’s risk as the moisture in a bathroom can discolor and warp the wood after time.  Lots of customers though, feel that Aluminium Venetian Blinds look unfinished without the valance.

Bamboo Venetian Blinds


Bathroom Blinds - Bamboo

These are the newest product in the Venetian Blind range.  Bamboo, as opposed to Basswood grows in water so it is waterproof itself.  They are the only natural product recommended as bathroom blinds. It’s lighter than wood and often comes UV coated for extra protection against eventual fading with the sun.  Bamboo is as costly as Basswood, though.


Roller Blinds

Bathroom Blinds - Roller

Roller Blinds: ONLY certain ranges are recommended for bathrooms.  The material itself has to be waterproof AND the blind has to be thoroughly dry before being rolled up or you risk mold developing between the layers, which can ruin your blind.  Sheerweave roller blinds are a great option for bathrooms. However, at night, if the light is on in the bathroom, someone from outside could see shadows inside which is a dealbreaker for many of our customers.

Not Always The Right Fit

There is one more factor that I will get more into detail about in a later blog post.  Bathroom blinds that cannot fit into the “window reveal” as it is called, and need to go “face fix” above the window can be problematic in a bathroom.  Roller blinds are not recommended for Face Fix application in a bathroom or kitchen because of how they are installed and the fact that there might be pipes running along the wall right next to the windows.  In these cases, do not panic, a Venetian blind can be applied Face Fix.

Now, what about color?  We find that most of our customers want something light and fresh and clean looking as bathroom blinds.  Most customers choose white because it makes a small room look larger and brighter.

Whatever your needs for your bathroom, we at The Decor Connection have it for you.