Shutters are an investment that adds character and warmth to any home they are classic yet contemporary fashion for your windows.


PVC Shutters are made of a composite material. This material is more durable than solid wood. It is appropriate for bathrooms as well as kitchens, as small amounts of moisture won’t warp the louvers.

The louvers are easy to maintain, as they can be wiped with a damp cloth. Available in different color options, and with or without a center rod.

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Aluminum Shutters are made of high quality, durable Aluminium. They are ideal for indoor OR outdoor use, such as patios.

Aluminum Shutters are available in a lovely selection of colors and do not come with a center rod; rather the louvers are seamlessly joined at the back and operating one louvre operates all the louvers in the panel simultaneously.

Aluminium Shutters


Security Shutters are the best security you can put on your windows. Comprised of space-grade Aluminium, these shutters are as virtually impenetrable as they are beautiful.

Elegant and practical, Aluminium Security Shutters are available for indoor or outdoor use. Most manufacturers of Aluminium Security Shutters offer upwards of 5-year guarantees against factory faults.

Security Shutters are the perfect way to elegantly protect yourself, your family and your valuables.


Wood/timber shutters are made out of solid wood with wood textures and give a beautiful classic finish to your room.

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Shutters on a hinged system use only hinges in order to be operated. Without a track, this type of shutter is limited to smaller windows (not large windows or sliding or stacking doors).

Hinged Shutters are available generally as 1-4 panels depending on the size of the window opening and the needs of the customer.

A hinged shutters allows for a few frame options depending on the manufacturer we are ordering from. There are “Z-frames” as well as different decorative frame options as well. These enhance the look and feel of your shutter and do have different price points.

Not only are the panels customizable but so are the layouts. This might mean a T-post opening or a cottage style opening, or a combination of the two.


Bifold shutters operate similarly to a hinged operation only with the addition of a track both at the top and bottom of the shutter. This track allows the shutter to be made up to a very large square meterage as the weight of the shutter is distributed along the track.

Bifold and Hinged shutters have a very similar look and you are able to combine both operation types in one room without disrupting the continuity of look.

Bifold shutters often come with flush bolts to ensure the panels lock into position to avoid movement. These bolts would need to be opened before the panels are operated and closed once the panels are pushed into the closed position.


Bypass shutters are a great option for a very large window opening where the customer doesn’t want the shutter impeding into the space of the room. Each panel slides one behind the next on wide track.

Ideally for a bypass shutter, the customer will have wall space adjacent to the window opening for the shutters to stack when in the fully opened position.

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The most common louvre size is 89mm. Wide. However, some manufacturers offer 63mm. And 114mm. Widths as well, that may or may not be available for each material type.

The 63mm. Louvre width is ideal for very small window openings where the customer wants as much light as possible to penetrate without sacrificing light.

89mm. Is the most standard louvre size. It allows the customer plenty of visibility to the outside and is practical to maintain.

The 114mm. Louvre width is a great choice for very large window openings where the customer wishes to have maximum visibility.


While a lot of customers prefer an even number of panels (i.e. two to stack left and two to stack right), there are different reasons why some customers might request another composition. This might mean two to the left and one to the right. It depends on window size, practicality of the room, as well as the operation type.

The benefit to as few panels as possible is that you maximize your ability to see out. However, the larger the panel, the more space it takes up in the room when it’s opened. Keep in mind that most customers who purchase shutters wish to keep them in the closed stacking position but with the louvres open to be able to enjoy the look of the shutter as a feature in the room.

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The louvre tilt rod is placed in the center of the shutter. This means the customer reaches over for the rod, and adjusts up up or down to open or close the shutter. Most manufacturers currently manufacture the shutters to close fully in the up or down positions.


An off center tilt rod is placed just to the left or right of the shutter. This enhances the viewing capacity out of each panel.


The hidden rod means that there is no tilt rod. The louvres are connected at the back of the louvre. This way the customer gets the maximum viewing capabilities. In order to tilt the louvres, you use your hand to tilt one louvre and the rest of them will also open or close.

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A divider rail is necessary for louvres over a certain length. The stability of the panel is compromised when the louvre is too long and therefore a divider rail is added to increase the integrity of the panel. The divider rail is normally customized to a certain height. There are a few factors that may affect where we advise you to place the divider rail:

  • Current design of the window/door
  • Placement of the window/door handle
  • Different rooms may have different needs such as a higher divider rail for a bedroom for practical purposes
  • Some customers prefer a divider rail exactly halfway up the window.

The divider rail may come with an option to come with a hand grip in order to make it easier to open and close the panel.

In some instances more than one divider rail will be necessary in your shutter. We always place them in the most convenient locations for the customer.


Shutters require quite a bit of space to fit neatly and practical into your window reveal. If there is not sufficient space, then the shutter will be applied “face fix” or above the window/door opening.

This just means that the shutter won’t close flush with the wall, rather it will stick out quite a bit from the wall. In some situations it is the only choice to fit a shutter into your space.


When customers call us with arched windows, we always recommend a custom made shutter. A shutter is custom fit for an arched window out of timber. We come to take a sketch of the window and design it according to your needs.

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