One of the most fun things that I sell is shutters.  Customers looking for shutters know that it can be a major investment but one reaps large rewards as well.  Property agents have assured me that installing them into our homes is one way to increase property values!

Shutters - Bedroom

Shutters make such a huge impact to the look of a home, more than most other blinds that we sell.  They come in different materials: Wood, PVC, aluminium, aluminium security. The most common louvre width is 90mm.  

So Many Options

Generally speaking, when customers call me wanting “American Shutters” they are referring to a style more than a brand.  I work with about 5 different companies and their products are more-or-less the same. Prices can vary quite vastly from amongst different companies.  That’s why it gives me the edge: I can price compare for you to get you the best deal, and we all love a good deal!

Shutters - Lounge

Solid Wood

Wood shutters I generally sell for arched windows only.  Wood shutters cost much more than PVC but are the only option for arched windows.  They come in tons of wood finish stains as well as almost any color under the rainbow.  They aren’t suitable for bathrooms, though, as there can be too much humidity in a shower for the solid wood shutters.

Composite/PVC Shutters: Our Most Popular Product

PVC shutters are the most common shutter that we sell.  They’re good for big or small windows and come in a few colors.  They come with or without the control rod. Most of our customers don’t want the control rod and prefer “clearview” where they can maximize the view in between the louvres.

Shutters - Kitchen

Aluminium/Security shutters

Aluminium shutters can be used for indoor or outdoor use.  If a customer specifically wants them as their form of security for the window then we quote on security shutters.  These are an intense level of security and are nearly impenetrable. They come with pins that attach into the wall and the floor with specialized keys that cannot be duplicated.  One of the manufacturers that sell them said they have camera footage of thieves trying to get into a house where the family was out of town but had cameras recording the house. The thieves tried for FOUR hours to get in through the shutters!  He said that a would-be-thief has a better chance of coming through the wall than through a window with a security shutter. And a shutter is a much more pleasing form of security to look at than burglar bars or expanding gates.

Open, Shut Them

All shutters have different ways of opening: cottage style/hinged, concertina stacking/bi-fold, sliding/bi-pass.  These do not affect the price. But, what does affect the price is the number of panels. I always explain to my customers that while the fewer the panels the lesser the cost, the bigger the panel means that when the shutter is stacked it takes up more space.  Fewer panels take up less space.

Shutters - Kitchen 2

Last-Minute Details

Once the customer gives the go-ahead, I bring the manufacturer in for final measurements and to discuss the option of decorative frames which do add onto the price.  Once final measurements are taken, the order goes to production and 4-6 weeks later, depending on the manufacturer I order from, the customer has their custom made shutters installed.  It can take up to a day or so to install but the time and money investment is well worth it.

Shutters are a classic style that will never go out of fashion. Modern and contemporary to classic and traditional, shutters fit every style.  And that’s why everyone loves them!