Sheerweave Roller Blind

We had a customer just this week complaining about her furniture being damaged from the sun’s harmful rays.  Usually these are customers who enjoy the natural light coming in, but have had it “up to here” with their fabulous furnishings getting faded and thread-bare.  Our go-to material in this instance is always the Sheerweave Roller blind.

Sheerweave Roller blind in Lounge

These blinds are always a hit with our customers as they allow in maximum light while using UV protection properties to keep furniture and wood flooring looking in tip-top shape.  It also keeps a lot of the heat out of the room, and insulates in the winter as well. One happy customer was pleased to learn that it reduced the street noise by over 50% as well! That was an unexpected benefit!

A sheerweave roller blind is designed to sit in the sun day in and day out.  It doesn’t fade, crack, or tear. It’s super durable, and also WIPEABLE which as a Mom myself is its best feature!

Sheerweave Roller blind next to couch

Dollars And (Per)Cents

The Sheerweave Roller blinds come in different levels of protection.  1% open lets in the least light but keeps out the most amount of UV rays.  Then there are also 3%, 5%, and 10% “openness” factors as well. The standard that we sell is 5%.  There are SO many colors to choose from in the sheerweave roller blind range that whatever your decor is and whatever color palette you currently have, there’s something for you.  They come in all of the neutral colors in tons of choices from white, cream, black, greys, and whites. We’ve even got sheerweave roller blinds in a blend of complimenting colors.


A Little Screen Time

What’s more, sheerweave roller blinds cut all of the glare off of TV and computer screens.  This is why we often install them in TV rooms or offices. Customers don’t like the idea of having to blockout all of the light just to have their employees work on computers during the day or to have their toddlers or teens watch TV during daylight hours.  Everyone is a bit trepidations to believe me when I promise them that even a window facing the screen won’t be a problem with a sheerweave roller blind over it. Not one customer has called me back to say it didn’t do exactly as promised; in fact, I get tons of calls from customers thanking me for the great advice and that the sheerweave roller blind did just as I said it would!

Customers find their way to us often once they’ve installed voile curtains a couple of years earlier.  The curtains start to look dirty, and become torn after being exposed to the sun’s rays. Then they get them professionally cleaned and they turn yellow and shrink and then look even worse!  That’s when The Decor Connection steps in with the best, most practical item.

Sheerweave Roller blind in nature garden

Popular For A Reason

The sheerweave roller blind is the most popular blind we sell.  It probably makes up over 50% of the blinds that we install. And for good reason.  Our customers love the look, and love that they can be WIPED down! If they’re properly maintained, a sheerweave roller blind can live for many, many years, staying looking as fresh and  new as they were when they were purchased.

Another benefit that the customers love is that a roller blind, once rolled up, takes up NO space whatsoever.  It’s completely out of the way! This helps keeping them look fresh and new for longer than a curtain. Curtains also rob you of precious room space.

These are all the amazing reasons why I field calls ALL day long from customers wanting sheerweave roller blinds.