Guest Bedroom Blinds

Lots of us have that room in our houses.  Sometimes we refer to it as the “study”, sometimes it is the “storage room”.  Sometimes we call it the “one day it will be for a baby” room.  Other times we call it The Guest Bedroom. Whatever that room is for you, we will gently guide you toward the best blind for whatever room it happens to be called in this moment.  We like to keep in mind that these room tend to change identities every so often. Either way you will need guest bedroom blinds.

Cheaping Out

Often times, a customer’s only goal is to cover the window as cheaply as possible.  While this is a noble goal and I always endeavor to help my customers choose the least expensive choice of the blind that is best for him/her, there are other considerations perhaps they didn’t think about.  After all, these are Guest Bedroom Blinds.

Guest Bedroom Blinds

If you have a room that sounds similar to the above description, read on!  Keep the following in mind: When your room becomes a bedroom at any point in time, said guest will probably be hoping for a nice, dark room to sleep in.  While it might seem convenient to put a 25mm. Venetian blind, opting instead for a blockout roller blind is a nice way to show your guests that you care about the environment you’re putting them up in.


Blockout Roller Blinds do not allow any light to penetrate through the material.  They come in wipeable fabrics that are easy to maintain.  Blockout Roller Blinds as guest bedroom blinds are often a good fit.

In Summary

Think about your house.  Think about your friends and family’s houses.  Most likely all these rooms have something blockout or near blockout on the windows.  This helps us sleep in late (when the kids allow) and not wake up early with the 5:00am summer sun.  It is for this reason The Decor Connection likes