What is New Plaswood

Plaswood Venetians are a great blinds option for moist rooms of your home. Due to the composite material, understandably, they will not warp or discolor. Customers always ask me “What is New Plaswood” and which Plaswood Venetian Blind is the best for their room. Read on to see the answers!

Old Plaswood Venetian Blinds

Old Plaswood blinds consist of a plastic finish. They are slightly iridescent and not as opaque as the New variety. Old Plaswood Venetian Blinds have a few basic downsides:

  • They are slightly translucent.  This means some light will penetrate the slats
  • These blinds have more of a plastic-y finish
  • Old Plaswood blinds are heavier than the New variety
  • There are fewer color options
  • Windows which get intense sunlight can warp the blinds.

New Plaswood Venetian Blinds

The New Plaswood Venetian Blinds are made of a composite material which responds excellently to moisture and heat.  Not all Plaswood material is the same.  Even amongst the newer varieties, some manufacturers do not recommend their Plaswood in frosted windows.  Here at The Decor Connection Blinds we prefer Blind Quip’s New Plaswood which is a great choice for any window without restrictions!

The benefits of New Plaswood Venetian Blinds are:

  • Excellent choice in any type of window
  • Incredible real-wood-look finishes
  • Lighter than Old Plaswood Venetian Blinds and Wood Venetian Blinds
  • The slats are opaque

Experience As A Teacher

When I see my supplier offering me a great discount on a product I know to beware!  Sometimes it can mean they ordered too much stock by mistake.  Other times the reason is more sinister – the product is not up to standard.

True Story(ies)

Recently I had the following two incidents occur in the same week:

  1. I went to a customer who needed new blinds.  While I was there they asked me to look at some existing blinds they had purchased from another agent a few years earlier.  The customer was concerned that the color of the white blinds had turned yellow.  My suspicions were verified when I saw the culprit: Old Plaswood Venetian Blinds.  Unsurprisingly, their previously white blinds had yellowed with age.
  2. Fast forward three days.  I went to a customer who had asked for a quote for Plaswood Venetian Blinds for a few windows.  She casually mentioned that she had already received a quote for blinds from another company.  Then the customer let me know that she was offered a huge discount on the product.  I asked the customer to find the quote to tell me what she was quoted.  As it turn out, this customer was quoted Old Plaswood.  Unbeknownst to her, the reason for the discount was that the supplier was trying to get rid of old stock.  While the price was much more reasonable, the product was Old Plaswood, which our company refuses to sell.  I let the customer know that if she wanted to order white blinds, it would be best to ensure they stay white!

In Summation

Not all Plaswood Venetian Blinds are created equal.  Be sure you are an informed customer and always do your research! Now you know the answer to the question “What is New Plaswood?”

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