I call any uncovered window opening a “naked window”.  Naked windows may need to be covered for a number of reasons.  Perhaps the sun is too strong or the customer requires privacy.  Whatever the reason, it’s my job to help you figure out the best solution.


Customers sometimes feel overwhelmed with the choices.  I love a challenge.  In reality, most customers actually know exactly what they are looking for.  In my experience, I just need to help guide the customer in the right direction.


Besides blind types, we need to look at colors and textures as well.  I love the chance to help alleviate customer confusion.  As much as it’s challenging to assess the customer’s needs and wants, it’s incredibly rewarding to be successful.

First on the list is to ascertain the reasons for the window covering:

  • Privacy
  • Blockout
  • Heat
  • Finishing Touch
  • Insulation

Only then can we get into the nitty gritty of the choices The Decor Connection Blinds offer.

Any Color Under The Sun

Many (read:many) customers feel unqualified to choose fabrics and colors of blinds.  However, I find that customers will return to the same color over and over again.  My tactic as a sales person is to NOT allow the customer free range of the sample books.  This may sound confusing.  Conversely, this helps the customer not feel overwhelmed by excess choice.  As much as the customer may think s/he wants to see it all, in actuality they need selective options.

Certainly a customer wants what s/he wants.  For example, some customers are drawn towards bright colors.  While it may not be my particular aesthetic, my motto is always that the customer has to be happy waking up each day to the blinds.  If I can ensure a customer is happy with their choice, I’ve done my job.  My goal isn’t to fit my favorite blinds or shutters into your home.  Instead, it’s to ensure the customer chooses the blinds blinds for them!

Return Again

The interesting phenomenon I notice is a customer’s ability to keep returning to the same color choice.  Often the customer finds a color s/he loves, keeps looking for a better option, and stops again on the original selection.  It’s important to realize that each person has their own preferences.  Not only that but human instinct is so strong that this isn’t a rare occurrence.  So for all of you who think you can’t make up your minds, take it from me that you can.

Let The Expert Weigh In

With all this in mind, I have no problem weighing in with opinions when a potentially wrong choice is made.  For example, I once had a customer with a lovely neutral cream theme in their home, eyeing a dark grey roller blind.  Indeed I needed to assess whether or not the customer was going to be changing color schemes any time soon.  The customer affirmed that she had just painted and gotten new furniture so the cream was there to stay.  I merely asked what she intended the grey to tie in with in the room.  Not surprisingly, the customer gave it some thought and realized the grey would clash with the current decor!

When The Customer Is The Expert

I am not ashamed to admit that sometimes I am wrong.  Indeed the customer is the true expert of their home.  I’ve seen it all: navy blinds in a bland space, fire-engine red roller blinds for an entire cottage, heavy wood blinds in huge stacking doors.  The first thing to remember is that I am there to help advise, NOT decide.

And So

If you know what you’re looking for, or even if you don’t, trust the friendly staff at The Decor Connection Blinds ensure you wake up every day happy to see the window covering you chose.