Return Again

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is receiving calls from return blinds customers.  Nothing makes me feel more privileged than a customers who orders from our company more than once.  It means they are satisfied with the product and service they received.  I feel like my hard work has paid off!

Once, Twice…

I can still remember the first return customer we had so many years ago.  It was a company who ordered a lot of 25mm. aluminum Venetian Blinds for their offices.  Since then that company has ordered from us four more times!

A lot of our return business is due to foresight with my customers.  Often customers would like to install more blinds but have a specific budget they need to keep to.  I will suggest to the customer to allow me to measure all the windows they’re considering so that I can break up the order for them however they choose.  It also means that in 6 months, a year, or longer down the line, I have the measurements ready to go ahead and order the rest.

new blinds

A Fresh Start

I never assume that a second quote will be the same as a first.  Each time a customer calls us we start fresh.  The first question I like to ask is, “are you looking for the same blind you purchased from us before?”.  About 50% of the time the answer is ‘yes’.  The other 50% it is essentially a new quote for a new customer.  Because we aim to assess each customer’s needs, preferences, and budget, the quotation looks the same as for a first time customer.

Attitude Of Gratitude

To piggy back along the same lines: referrals are the best!  When a customer feels so happy with their purchase that they recommend us to friends and family, it’s icing on the cake.  I try to personally call or message each customer who has referred The Decor Connection to say ‘thank you.’  If you want to see who customers continue to choose our company time and time again, give us a call!