Difference Between Blockout Curtains vs Blockout Blinds

We receive so many calls from customers confused about which window covering to choose.  For sure the customer wants blockout / blackout over the window.  If you aren’t sure the difference between Blockout Curtains and Blockout Blinds, read below to have all your questions answered.

First Things First

Ok, first things first.  What do you, the customer, mean by “blockout”? For different customers it means different things:

  • Is the actual material blockout?  Yes.  If a customer requests blockout, then I only quote a blockout fabric.  This means that the material itself doesn’t allow any light to penetrate.
  • Will the room be completely pitch black?  It depends!  There’s almost no way to honestly guarantee a pitch black room.  Small amounts of light may be able to escape around the blind or curtain.  Generally speaking we are careful to ensure the room as as dark as possible.
  • Where will we affix the blind or curtain?  For the most blockout effect, we affix the blind or curtain above the window.  Our company standard is 8cm-10cm over the window when possible.  For customers who require maximum coverage, then we look at other options.

Blockout Curtains

blockout curtains

We are extremely severely intensely obsessively (get the point?) selective about the manufacturers whom we purchase curtains from.  I cannot even begin to detail the shocking jobs I have witnessed of curtains gone wrong from other suppliers.  I often see customers who were ill-advised by their curtain-maker and have received fabric not intended for curtain usage.   Another complaint is that customers tell me they requested blockout curtains and received 50% blockout material.

Unfortunately, customers waste a lot of money on the wrong product.  To add insult to injury the curtains don’t last as they fade, tear, turn yellow in the sun and proceed to shrink when they are laundered.  For allllll these reasons, I have one trusted manufacturer for my curtains.  The blockout lining is 85-99% blockout (I am very clear with my customers that they are not 100%).  We can pair it with a light voile (linen look) material draped in front of it.  Another option is we place a double track in which the voile sits in front of the blockout lining.  This allows the customer flexibility: privacy and room darkening.

Blockout Blinds

blockout blinds

Now let’s talk turkey, Blockout Curtains vs Blockout Blinds.  Our specialty here at The Decor Connection is blockout blinds.  A blockout blind, as we explained above, means the blind doesn’t allow any light to penetrate.

  • Honeycomb Blinds / Duette Blinds: These are pleated blinds that are available in beautiful blockout fabrics and many color choices. Have a look at our Blog on these beautiful blinds.
  • Roller Blinds: Roller Blinds are a great option as they are available in many blockout materials and colors.  When customers request the room to be as dark as possible, then these blinds are perfect when applied Face Fix.  Honestly, these are such a fabulous option for any application!
  • Roman Blinds: Not as popular but still an option are Roman Blinds.  We offer a wide range of colors and fabrics in Roman Blinds.

Still Not Convinced?

Let us come out and advise you properly!  If you’re still not convinced about which direction is best for you, give us a call.  We love a good challenge and we love problem solving!  Whatever your light control needs are, we can help!