Originally developed and designed in Europe, Luxaflex is THE name for quality blinds and shutters in South Africa.  I am incredibly proud to represent the Luxaflex name and to be able to offer it to all of my customers.  From budget friendly options to luxurious yet practical window solutions, I love how versatile Luxaflex products are.

Luxaflex is Green

A major focus of the Luxaflex brand is to provide energy efficient window coverings to any window.  Up to 50% of heating and cooling energy escapes through its windows.  Because of this, Luxaflex offers practical solutions.

  • Luxaflex window coverings offer insulation, keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  This reduces energy consumption which in turn also saves you $$$.
  • Solar Stickers can be used to charge motorized blinds, thus cutting down on energy dependence.
  • Duette Blinds which form a barrier which traps heat.

Children’s Safety Approach

A special feature of all Luxaflex products is the child-friendly application.  Whether it’s the considerations of cord lengths, the use of cleats, or sound-absorbing blind options, Luxaflex always has children as the focus of their blinds.

Whether you choose Duette Blinds or roller blinds, a bright color palette is available to liven up any child’s room.

Opening Options

Luxaflex’s Duette Blinds are available with “top down bottom up” functionality. This allows the blind to be either lowered or raised.  In the mornings you are able to lower the blind slightly to allow natural light into the room while maintaining privacy.  This is especially helpful in a bedroom.

Polyresin Shutters

Luxaflex Shutters boast the most extensive warranty available in the South African market.  They are installed with a 20-YEAR WARRANTY on material and 5-YEAR WARRANTY on hardware.  Luxaflex shutters offer incredible insulation, are hypoallergenic and waterproof.  These shutters are guaranteed not to discolor or crack even when exposed to the harshest summer sun.  Complete with beautiful frames to finish off the product, these shutters are my favorite ones to sell.  Shutters are the only product which sell themselves.  With the ability to increase your property value as well, shutters are always a welcome addition to any home.

Silhouette Shades

Luxaflex Silhouette Shades

Functioning as a Venetian Blind but with the elegance of a Fabric Blinds are Silhouette Shades.  They offer heat reduction and beauty into your window space.  The versatility of a Venetian Blind means that a Silhouette Shade allows the customer to effortlessly direct the sunlight.

Twist Shades

Twist shades from Luxaflex allow for light control, privacy, and elegance. Customers enjoy the unique look of this linear roller blind.  Available in bright, bold colors or delicate weaves, they make a statement in any room of your home.

Designer Roller Blinds

Luxaflex Roller Blinds

The designer range of roller blinds allows the customer to choose bright, bold, beautiful high quality fabrics.  Blockout and light filtering options assist the customer with ensuring the right look for any room of your home or office.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds allow for light control and privacy.  Wood, Plaswood and Aluminium options are available in many color and range options.  What makes the aluminium venetian blinds from Luxaflex so special is their anti-dent capabilities.  Unlike standard Aluminium, Luxaflex Aluminium will keep their shape longer.

Outdoor Ultimate Screen

Luxaflex boasts an impressive outdoor blinds range.  With the ease of motorization and a side channel that self-zips, these are the ultimate in luxury outdoor blinds.

Luxaflex Security Shutters

New to the Luxaflex Family is the Aluminium Security Shutter. We are proud to be one of the first agents in Gauteng to offer this product.  Incredibly effective as a security barrier, this security shutter is as hard working as it is beautiful.

What’s In A Name

What makes Luxaflex blinds superior is the service that they offer.  Whether the customer orders one or ten blinds, Luxaflex will ensure a perfect product each and every time.  Experts in quality, Luxaflex takes pride in their products.