Motorized Blinds and Home Automation

While The Decor Connection proudly offers home automation in the form of Motorized Blinds, this is not a blog about that…

I want to offer you the reader and other entrepreneurs insight into how technology has shaped our business and its systems.

Seeing Into The Future

I have seen my fare share of other companies still quoting with carbon paper copies.  When we started The Decor Connection we promised to stay ahead of technology and to use it to our advantage.  Since the beginning of our company in 2013 we have endeavored to upgrade and upskill as often as possible.

Tape Measure

laser measure


About three years ago we invested in a top quality model laser measure.  This has drastically cut down on my quotation time, allowing me to easily take all four measurements in mere seconds.  Not so fast, my tape measure still does come in handy for specific purposes such as cutouts or obstructions!  My most enjoyable interaction is when I arrive at a customer and prepare to measure and before pulling out my laser measure, the customer asks if I need to borrow a tape measure!  I tell them “no thanks, I have what I need” and pull out my Bosch Laser Measure.  It is so fulfilling.

Scanning On Site

scanner app

Years ago I used to write out quotations using carbon paper to give my customers a copy.  Many years ago we upgraded to a scanner app on my iPhone that allows me to upload all handwritten quotations directly to our online system.  Customers sometimes contact me years later regarding a quotation they had and were ready to go ahead.  I used to have to search through piles and piles of old quote books to find the measurements.  Sometimes I couldn’t locate them at all.  Since them I have records of every single quotation I have been on.  In an instant I or my staff can reference any one of our sales-team’s handwritten quotations.  This has helped us become much more efficient.


google maps

Instead of a handwritten calendar, The Decor Connection utilizes Google Calendar which seamlessly interfaces directly with Waze.  When we book quotations we input the addresses into Google Calendar.  Doing so decreases the likelihood of mistakes with addresses.  Should a customer give an address that we hear incorrectly it won’t show up in the Calendar.  We know to ask the address again so ensure it’s accurate.  This helps our sales team (myself included) to ensure we arrive at the correct address each time.  It means we don’t waste our time or our customers’ time.  Once in the Calendar app I simply click the address and it takes me right to Waze.

What’s App


I believe that our technical department is one of the best out there.  Ready at in instant to repair bugs and glitches, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our systems to make quotations and ordering more streamlined.  I am most proud of our implementation of our What’s App lead system.  Through our series of applications we are able to quickly send a contact message to our customers which is integrated with our website contact form.  This means we can reach you sooner and effortlessly.  The feedback from customers is overwhelmingly positive for this feature that we offer.  Of course we still welcome SMS/e-mails and even old fashioned phone calls!

Start To Finish

From start to finish, The Decor Connection Blinds uses technology in order to streamline your quotation and ordering process.  If you haven’t done so already, go ahead and fill out a form on our website to make contact and find out what we have to offer you for your complete window dressing needs!