Blind Designs Sheerweave Rollers

Sheerweave blinds are appealing because they’re holier than thou (read: the material is full of holes!).  The Blind Designs Sheerweave rollers are beautiful and practical.  They are basically a netted material that allows in light while reducing heat and damage from harmful UV rays.  Those tiny holes, as tiny as they are, allow the customer to see out during the day while attaining a level of privacy in the home.  It’s appealing to those who appreciate light but also value privacy.

Let It Shine

sunny sheerweave

Sheerweave roller blinds allow the glorious sun to radiate into your room.  Various weaves (10%, 5%, 3%) allow more or less light to penetrate through.  This means that you can customize your sheerweave blind to suit your needs.  A standard 5% sheerweave blind is the most common one that we sell.  This weave allows in optimum light without sacrificing your view.  A 10% sheerweave roller is normally designated for outdoor use where more light is appreciated.

Perfect Pairing

double roller

Often we pair a sheerweave roller blind with a blockout roller blind.  Imagine waking up in the morning and raising your blockout roller to appreciate the morning sun, all the while knowing you still have maintained your privacy!?  Most customers allow the sheerweave roller blind to remain in the lowered position day and night that it’s ready for use as soon as the blockout blind is raised.  Knowing you and your children can be afforded the utmost in privacy in their own bedrooms gives security and peace of mind.

Protective Edge

A sheerweave roller blind will protect your flooring and furniture from fading.  This protection means you’re saving dollars and cents in the long run.  You will get more longevity out of your furniture.  Customers often redo their flooring at the same time as their blinds so this way you can know your flooring is protected from the get-go.

Often customers have existing curtains and find they replace their netted curtain more often than they’d like to.  Replacing a netted curtain with a sheerweave roller blind is a fantastic option!  Unlike a netted curtain, a sheerweave roller blind is designed to take the brunt of the sun and will not warp or face or tear.  This also means that whatever you have in front of your sheerweave roller blind will be protected as well!  Not only is a sheerweave roller blind beautiful, but it’s also the most practical choice.