Construction Ahead!

You might be wondering how we go about quoting for blinds for a construction site?!  Especially towards the end of the year (October onwards), we receive a lot of interest for blinds quotes for unfinished buildings.  Whether it’s home, or office, or something in between, we can always help create a realistic budget for your blinds.

Unfinished Business


Customers as us if we can quote for blinds in an unfinished space.  We can, and we can’t.  While I can quote rough sizes, we need a basic space in order to measure.  I once had a customer literally show me an open wall to measure.  The lady of the house said “there will be a window on that wall”.  That makes it kind of difficult!  She had no idea what size the window would be, or if it would even be there at all.

To be able to quote accurately, we need some direction as to the window size.  I always tell my customers that I would come back to take final measurements once all the aspects of the window are completed.  This can mean plastering, tiling, as well as burglar bars.  The last thing I want is a blind that doesn’t fit!


What can change about your quotation once the construction is finished?  One thing is the blind placement.  If a customer wants a blind put into the reveal then we would need a certain amount of reveal clearance for the blind to fit.  This depends on which blind the customer has chosen: Venetian, roller, vertical, Honeycomb, Roman, etc.

Sometimes, once a window is finished, the customer realizes s/he has made the wrong blind choice.  This can also alter the price of your blind.

We’ve had customers install skirting boards in doorways or sliding doorways that has necessitated other blinds considerations as well.

Measure Twice, Install Once


The bottom line, we would rather measure twice and install once.  It’s best to trust our expert sales staff to give you the best advice for your own space.