Security Gates are a necessary evil…

Let’s be honest.  In South Africa, security is a necessary evil.  With the number of break ins increasing, it’s even more important to ensure you and your loved ones and staff are properly protected inside their homes or offices.  A would-be intruder looks for a weak point of entry to exploit.  That is why we recommend and stand behind our Secure-Quip expandable security gate.  We recommend customers use them on any potential entry point in their homes and offices.  Let us help you get a good night sleep with the peace of mind knowing that our products are helping ensure the safety of those on your properties.

Expand Your Security

Closed Security Gate

If you’re looking to expand your security for your home or office, keep reading, we can help!  We’ve now launched sales of the beautiful new(ish) expandable security gate, Securequip!  Windows are doors are easy targets for would-be intruders.  That’s why we wanted to offer this competitively priced product to our lovely customers.  Not only do we sell beautiful finishes to cover your windows, but now we also have them covered for security as well!

Why Our Product

What makes our security gate better than the competition?  Great question!  Firstly, this product carries a TEN YEAR guarantee against rust and factory faults.  This product is made from Aluminium which resists rust in inland as well as coastal areas.  Our gates are plastic and nylon FREE, meaning no weak points of entry!  Our solid aluminium drop bolts are no problem on uneven floors.  This ensures a perfect fit, each time!  The unique, tough locking system is sure to keep out even the most hostile of guests.  Uneven floors aren’t even a problem for this product due to its impressive design. In addition, due to the design of this gate, it’s difficult to use a crowbar to weaken it to enter through.


security gate options

These expandable security gates are available in three simple, neutral colors.  White, for a more classical look.  Brown for a warmer look.  And metal for a modern looking decor.  Surely one of these colors will suit your home’s design and decor.

Additionally, the customer can choose whether it’s a slam lock or a soft lock depending on your needs!

These gates come in “fixed” applications as well as locking options.  Should you wish to have an opening option on one window of each room as a fire safety feature, we can customer order to those specifications!

The Guarantee

10 year guarantee

The guarantee on our gates is an impressive TEN YEARS.  Other companies give a lesser guarantee for coastal climates.  As this product is comprised of aluminium, it is totally rust resistant!

The Decor Connection Blinds is here to help you make an informed decision about your home or office security gate.