Curtains and Blinds

Curtains and Blinds

There are times when coupling a curtains and blinds really is the best option for your space.  Some customers love the warmth and elegance of a curtain but also enjoy the practicality of a blind.  In these situations, I recommend a blind behind a curtain.  Yes, you’re paying for a double window covering but in the end, if it’s what you need, it really is the best options.  Having trouble knowing which is your best option?  Read below to find out some helpful advice on the topic!

What Blind?

Depending on your needs, we will suggest one of the following when combining curtains and blinds in one window:

Roller Blind

A roller blind is a nice, neat, efficient option to couple with a curtain.  Whether you want to couple a voile curtain with a blockout roller or a blockout curtain with a sheerweave roller blind.  A roller blind often fits easily behind a curtain, making it unobtrusive and practical.  However, it depends how much space you have for the roller blind to be able to fit (or not) behind a curtain.  The good news is that I will always advise you whether or not this is a viable option for your space.

Curtain Choices

What’s nice about curtains, is that you can line a beautiful, soft, elegant linen material with a blockout one behind it.  This gives you the blockout effect with a feminine touch.  Behind this curtain, we install a sheerweave roller blind to give you privacy during the day.  For the evening hours, you close the two-layer curtain for the light reduction that your body craves!  With so many curtain rails and material combinations, I will surely have the best choice for your space.

I’m No Dummy (When combining Curtains and Blinds)

Curtains and Blinds

Most of my customers LOVE blinds. No one loves blinds more than I do.  I often have customers who  have a hard time parting with the idea that curtains belong in a bedroom.  That’s OK.  In this instance, some customers choose a dummy curtain which gives the warmth of a curtain, without the hassles of maintenance.  A dummy curtain simply sits in position, giving the illusion of a full curtain.  In reality, you wouldn’t ever actually close the curtains.  It’s for aesthetics, not function.


The Decor Connection Blinds is here to help you make an informed decision about your Home Curtains and Blinds.