Me Me Me and MY Home Blinds

Finally, a post about little ol’ me.  The ‘Blinds Lady’ herself.  Get ready for an article that will shock you to the core as I discuss what home blinds I have myself, what I truly love (and what I truly don’t).

A little background: I am a very practical person.  I don’t believe in spending money on things that look nice but are either overpriced or inefficient.  Surprisingly, I also don’t have the strongest opinions about the finished product and color choices.  I am very easy going when it comes to this!

Room By Room

Going through my home room-by-room, you might be surprised by what you see.  I have different home blinds in different colors throughout my house.  Let’s go on a virtual tour!

Living Room / Dining Room

The living room and dining rooms face the street.  This means that we need privacy during the day with the ability see out.  This also means that we need to close-up at night.  A couple of our windows get afternoon sun as well and I didn’t want to darken the room just to avoid this direct sunlight.  The other issue was that it’s a LOT of windows in this part of the house.  Clearly, cost was an issue as well.  Therefore, we decided on 50mm. Aluminium Venetian Blinds.  We chose a light grey color.  They fulfill all of our needs in this respect.


Venetian Blind Grey


My kitchen allows for very little space for a blind between the sink and the wall / window behind it.  The only option we had was a 25m. Aluminium Venetian Blind.  It takes up little space and when treated gently, can still look new for years to come.

Main Bedroom

This was the hardest room to decide on the ideal blinds.  Our bedroom windows face the street so daytime privacy was a must.  We also have tenants on the property and so we knew we needed a sheerweave roller blind.  As it is a corner window, it posed a dilemma.  I wanted the room as dark as possible.  We decided on a blockout honeycomb blind in front of the Roller Blind.  This solved both of our window issues!  We even opted for the lift system which means there’s no smacking against the window when the windows are ajar!

Honeycomb Blind

Bedrooms 2 & 3

In two of our bedrooms, we have white Wood Venetian Blinds.  They’re practical for our offices as well as our guest room.Venetian Plaswood Blinds

Kids’ Room

In the kids room, we have blockout roller blinds.  They’re easy, durable, neat, and easy to keep clean!

roller blinds

Our Rental Units

We have a few rental units as well.  In these units, we opted for 25mm. aluminium Venetian blinds throughout.  We can replace damaged slats if necessary when tenants move out.  It also wasn’t a major investment into the property.  Having blinds on the windows definitely makes our units easier to get rented as it makes the space look more finished for a potential tenant.

That’s All Folks

Now that you have an idea about me and my own choices, hopefully you’ll trust me with yours!


The Decor Connection Blinds is here to help you make an informed decision about your Home Blinds.