Affordable Blinds – Price vs. Quality

The affordable blinds debate comes down to price vs. quality.  How does the quality of the blinds we sell affect our pricing.  And what makes blinds affordable after all?  IMHO, affordable blinds are quality blinds that come at a reasonable price.  A blind that is of rubbish quality isn’t worth the amount of money that you pay.  In my experience as a consumer, the added stress, embarrassment, and time that an inferior product consumes isn’t worth the price we pay for it.  Instead, The Decor Connection prides ourselves in providing the best  quality blinds at the most affordable prices.

What Is Quality?

When I speak to customers about our products, the word I most often use is “quality”.  A quality product is multi-fold: The components are stronger than others, the service the manufacturer provides is better than others, and the amount of problem blinds are fewer than others.  This means that your blinds, while affordable to boot, have a higher percentage chance of arriving to be installed on time, and with no problems.  Quality also refers to the materials themselves being thicker, stronger, and longer lasting than the competition.  I am the most selective about whose products I choose to purchase.  The better service that I receive from my manufacturers, the better service you receive as a customer!  It really is that simple.

Time Is Money

Time is Money


When choosing affordable blinds, it is important to remember that your time has value.  We at The Decor Connection recognize that!  We don’t want you to have to run after multiple quotes.  Rather, we want you to feel confident that the price you’re receiving from us is competitive.  We also don’t want to waste your time with come-backs!  We do this by ensuring a streamlined quoting process and by ordering from reliable suppliers.

Most Affordable Options

Venetian Blind Grey

All this being said, the most affordable blind is the plain 25mm. aluminium Venetian blind.  This blind comes in a large array of color options.  We can even interchange colors in one blind for a small extra charge!  Suitable for bathrooms and kitchens as well, these blinds are particularly popular for rental locations, domestic’s rooms, and offices.

sliding door roller blinds

Another affordable option for a large window opening is a Roller Blind.  Roller blinds are an easy choice for a large space, and are available in sheerweave, light filtering, or blockout options.  Rollers are neat and easy and extremely durable as well!

Whatever your budget we’ll find the best option for you!