What is the Price of Window Blinds

Price Shmice… It’s a difficult question.  The price of window blinds depends on a number of different factors.  Let’s go through them together before we tackle THE BIG QUESTION.

Window Size

blinds quote

In order to accurately price blinds, we need to first ascertain the size of your window.  Measurements are either taken by one of our friendly sales professionals or given to us by our wonderful customers.  We either measure Top Fix or Face Fix.  These measurements are based on how much space the customer has in the window reveal as well as practical and aesthetic purposes.  If we are measuring Face Fix, then we generally measure 100mm. to each side of the window for maximum coverage.  We can go more or less depending on customer needs and space.

Blind Type

Window prices vary dramatically.  Generally there is a hierarchy of cost.  Here they are in ascending order:

  1. 35mm. Venetian Blinds
  2. 25mm. Venetian Blinds
  3. 50mm. Venetian Blinds
  4. Vertical Blinds
  5. Fauxwood Blinds
  6. Roller Blinds
  7. Wood Blinds
  8. Roman Blinds
  9. Honeycomb Blinds
  10. Panel Blinds

Other Options

There are other options of ways to cut the costs of blinds.  One way is to split the quote into multiple orders.  This is an easier way for customers to afford blinds.  Some customers do bedrooms first, followed by other rooms.  We have customers who install roller blinds and at a later stage install the valances.  There are some people who want a sheerweave blind behind a blockout blind, so we advise to do first the blockout and the sheerweave at a later stage.  Our 15% off promotion is another way that customers are able to afford their blinds at once!

Let us know if price is the only thing stopping you from ordering and we can help work out a plan for you!  Sometimes we can find a less expensive range than what you chose as an alternative.  There are always options to make your blinds affordable and we want to help!


A window of 1200 x 1200 can cost anywhere from R500-R3000 to cover, depending on what you choose.  Very large windows (for example 2000 x 2200) might cost R1,500 – R5,000.  The most important thing to do is give our sales representative the budget you want to stick to.  This means we can advise you accordingly and let you know when you’re looking at options out of your price range.  Customers are hesitant to give us their budgets.  We don’t want to waste your time with unrealistic blind types.

The Decor Connection Blinds is here to help you make an informed decision about your Home Blinds.