Skylight Blinds = Glorious Sun!

Sometimes, our space doesn’t receive the natural sunlight we crave!  This can be due to bad building design, a foliage problem, or skyscraper neighbours!  Whatever the reason, a skylight definitely enhances the look and feel of your space.  Sunlight makes us happy and releases endorphins.  But what happens when that light is a little bit too glorious?  Read on and you’ll see how skylight blinds can work for you!

Skylight Blinds

Skylight Blinds are the perfect solution to allow in sunlight from a skylight when you want it and stop it when you don’t!  Available in tons of colours and thicknesses, surely we have the one that is best for you!  Rain or shine, summer or winter, the option to close off your skylight window at the touch of a window or the crank of a wand is enticing.

Light Filtering

Much like a Roller Blind, skylight blinds come in different opaqueness factors.  A light filtering option allows in some light when the blind is closed.  This means that you still get the benefit of the skylight without the sun directly landing on your space/things/person!  Not blockout, nor sheerweave, a light filtering option is a great solution for living spaces.


But what about bedrooms????  Great question!  A blockout skylight blind allows you to fully block the sunlight coming in.  This is great for sunny summer mornings when the birds might be up at 4am but you don’t want to be!  The only light that enters the room would be through the small gaps between the blind and the window frame.

Automated / Motorized

Automated or motorized skylight blinds are ideal solutions to windows very high up.  A more practical option (also more costly) to the control rod, you can effortlessly open and close the skylight blind with the touch of a button.  Available with battery-powered or a/c outlet powered options, even solar options!  Often times, skylight blinds are inaccessible which is why the solar option is often the best idea.  A sticker of around 30cm wide is applied to the skylight window to ensure you always have power to your skylight blind.  This means there are no ladders to hike to be able to charge your skylight blind.

Funny windows (ha-ha)

Sometimes skylights come in interesting geographical shapes.  Don’t fear.  The Decor Connection Blinds has skylight blinds for custom skylight windows.  Whether they’re trapezoids, squares, or some other shape, honeycomb/duette skylight blinds are a perfect choice!

Wand Operation

Unless a customer specifies a motorized / automated blind, the blinds will come with a long wand that attaches to a hook to access the skylight blind.  Wand operation is an easy, cost effective solution (motorized is much more costly) to easily operate your skylight blind.

Skylight Blinds

The Decor Connection Blinds is here to help you make an informed decision about your skylight blind requirements.