Rough Measurements — Yours v.s. Ours

measuring for blinds

Sometimes a customer calls with “Rough Measurements” of their windows for a pricing.  We don’t mind providing basic pricing based on rough measurements.  However, keep in mind that the difference of even 5mm. can affect the price of your blinds!  Customers always like to give us round, even numbers.  These measurements give us a good indication of the price but don’t be surprised if our measurements differ.  This can mean a difference in the blinds’ price, as well.

When one of our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff comes to you, we might take rough measurements.  We might do this for one of a couple reasons:

  1. You require a quote on more blinds than we anticipated and we don’t have time for final measurements
  2. Your windows aren’t prepared enough for us to take final measurements (tiling, plastering, skirting boards — for sliding doors, etc.)
  3. The windows are difficult to access

When The Decor Connection takes rough measurements, the pricing should be accurate enough that when we come back, the price remains the same.  This is assuming you haven’t made your windows bigger since we quoted.  We round up when we quote and factor in aspects you, the lovely customer, might not have thought about!

Final Measurements

A final measurement of your windows indicates that The Decor Connection has taken at least four measurements of each and every window.  This is because there is always a difference between the widths at the top and bottom of the window as well as the drops on the left and right.

Sometimes, the window has a cut-out, which necessitates at least eight measurements of your window.  We want to be sure that your Venetian Blind fits snugly around the tiles/skirting boards and that your Roman or Roller Blinds have enough space to operate!  A cut-out takes substantially longer to measure but we’d rather measure cautiously once, then have a blind made incorrectly.

Rough Measurements

When We Return

If we’ve taken Rough Measurements, which we always do for shutters, we will need to return should you accept the quotation.  We can generally make this appointment quite soon after you accept the quote.  We will confirm with you that your windows are completely ready for us to return.  The last thing we want is to waste your time and have to come back a third time as well!  The price shouldn’t change as long as nothing drastic has changed since we were last at site.  If the price goes down, we will be sure to let you know!

Fear Not

The Decor Connection Blinds is here to help you and measure for you (Quotes are Free!)