What is the price of blinds?

This is a loaded question and the price of blinds depend on many things!  I always tell my customers that there:

  • Is no standard size window
  • Are multiple ranges within blind types
  • Are “extras” which can also affect the price

That Being Said

Keeping in mind the above, let’s have a look at how different types of blinds GENERALLY compare to one another when looking at the price of blinds:

Price Highest To Lowest:

  1. Shutters
    1. Solid Wood
    2. Aluminium Security
    3. Aluminium Non-Security
    4. PVC
  2. Honeycomb Blinds
  3. Panel Blinds
  4. Roman Blinds
    1. Designer Range
    2. Other Ranges
  5. Wood Venetian Blinds
  6. Roller Blinds
    1. Designer Range
    2. Other Ranges
  7. Faux-Wood Venetian Blinds
  8. Vertical Blinds
    1. 90mm.
    2. 127mm.
  9. Aluminium Venetian Blinds
    1. 50mm.
    2. 25mm.

Sample Size

blinds quote

It’s often that a customer calls and says to “quote on a standard window size.”  After being in the business for a number of years, I can tell you there is NO standard window size.  Even 1mm. can push a price of a blind into another price category.  Theoretically, 5 blinds for windows 1000 x 1200 can have different costs.

** This is a rough indication only and is not meant to indicate any final pricing

*** The prices below include any installation costs.

*** The Decor Connection sells only the finest quality blinds in South Arica.  While there are always cheaper products out there, we prefer not to sell cheap quality, rather blinds we are proud to put our name behind.

For argument sake, let’s take a perfectly straight window (not skew), and price it for you.  If a window is 1200 x 1000, and there is space in the Reveal, let’s see what our options are.


Between Basswood, PVC, and aluminium the price can differ greatly.  Shutters might cost anywhere from R12,000 – R6,300 for your window

Honeycomb Blinds

There are options such as cord-free, corded, blockout, and light filtering.  Honeycomb Blinds might cost between R5,500 – R2,200 for this window.

Panel Blinds

Between the range of materials (sheerweaves, light filtering, and blockout) as well as stacking options, Panel Blinds might cost R6,000 – R3,000.

Roman Blinds

There are many fabric and stacking options.  Roman Blinds can cost you around R3,700 – R1,700.

Wood Venetian Blinds

The Wood of choice in South Africa is Basswood.  There are many finishes and colors.  Wood Venetians might cost you between R3,000  – R1,700

Roller Blinds

Between the different fabric choices, the range you might spend on a Roller Blind is R3,700 – R1,000

Fauxwood Venetian Blinds

A very popular alternative to Wood Venetian Blinds, the range you can expect to spend on a Fauxwood Venetian Blind is R1,900 – R1,400.

Vertical Blinds

They are available in 127mm. slats as well as 90mm., from many manufacturers in many colors.  Vertical Blinds can cost R4,000 – R900

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

vacuum blinds

With so many options and ranges from plain to Wood-Look and 25mm – 50mm. slats, there certainly is a range you could spend.  R600 – R1400 might be what you could spend on an Aluminium Venetian Blind.


Obviously there is a HUGE range within blind types that you may spend.  Also, the installation costs get absorbed per blind so the more blinds you order, the less the installation costs per blind.  The easiest way to get an accurate quotation is to Call / What’s App / Facebook Message / E-mail us to make an appointment.  Then we can measure YOUR windows and price the materials YOU choose!