Blinds Safety

We won’t get into the nitty gritty but needless to say, we have an obligation to make sure our kids are as safe as possible in our homes.  We are a family company and aside from selling fabulous blinds, we are raising fabulous kids ourselves.  That’s why this article on Blinds Safety is so crucial.


Different blinds post different hazards.  Long cords and incorrect usage are all to blame.  That’s why we’ve got solutions for you to keep your house child-friendly.

Motorization As A Solution

motorised roller blinds

Motorizing your blinds is a blinds safety option.  Strings and chains and cords are removed when a blind is motorized.  Tilting, and raising blinds can be done with the simple touch of a button!  It’s a little bit more expensive but you won’t lose sleep worrying about safety!


There are hold-down cleats available for Rollers and Venetians.  They allow the user to wrap the cord around them.  Available in bronze and lucite, they’re an easy blinds safety solution.  We are able to supply them upon request.

Cordless Options

cordless blinds

Currently, we offer Honeycomb blinds with a cordless lift option.  However, the blinds must be within a size limit.  Additionally, in order to reach the lever, the top of the blind can’t be higher than the customer can reach!


We recommend that you don’t place changing tables or cots/beds next to a window with a hanging cord.

Panel Blinds

panel blinds

Panel Blinds are a great solution for large windows. They are available with a pull system.  This system doesn’t rely on cords or cables.  Rather each panel slides independently as you choose the position using your hands.

Temporary Solutions

Customers are able (please consult The Decor Connection on the best way to do this) to shorten some types of blind cords.  This will keep them out of reach of children depending on the height of the window.  Cutting the cords too short can impact the functionality of the blind.  Another quick-fix is to tuck the cords up and out of the way of children.  This is a good solution for homes without children living there who might have a child visit from time-to-time.

If You Have Existing Blinds

Whether The Decor Connection or another agent has sold you blinds, we’re here to help you find a solution!  We do offer services to install hold-down cleats on existing blinds, even if we did not sell them to you!  Call us to enquire about such services at 011-640-7185 / 071-471-9034