Domestic Room Blinds

It always makes me smile when we get a call from a customer wanting to revamp their domestic’s quarters.  Our staff work so hard for us day in and day out and why not make their room feel like home by outfitting them with  blinds?! Most customers are interested in either a 25mm. Aluminium venetian blind or a blockout roller blind.  Blinds are much easier to maintain than curtains. A blind, versus a curtain, really maximizes the space in the room. Blinds hang neatly in the windows, leaving the space around them available for furniture and decor.  We have endless options for your domestic room blinds.


Often the customer brings their staff member over during our quotation to have a say in the style and color of the blind which really makes him/her feel important.  It’s so nice to see our customers putting time, effort, and hard-earned Rands into their staff.

Domestic Room Blinds 2

Sometimes we even get asked what’s extra special for their special staff member.  Then we recommend a Wood Venetian blind. For a window that isn’t too big, it isn’t a huge outlay of cash and it really brings extra warmth and attraction to the space.  There are tons of color options to choose from from greys and creams to light and dark browns. I generally steer the customer towards something lighter in color to brighten the room.


We had a customer once that wanted to put shutters into the domestic’s quarters. The customer wanted consistency throughout the house and she already had shutters in the main house.  Another let her staff members look at all the colors and styles and decide for herself what she thought would compliment her room and her belongings.

Domestic Room Blinds

Whatever you require for your windows, whether yours or your friends or family, The Decor Connection has what you need.  All price points, all colors, and as always, the best service.