Kids Room Blinds

We love getting calls to do a kids room blinds.  There are endless options to go with kid-friendly decor.  A common question Moms ask me is: what will be the most durable?  Generally speaking, Venetian Blinds, when operated by a child, aren’t the best option.  The child can get the cords tangled and ultimately break or damage the slats. Shutters and Roller Blinds are the best options.  Let’s discuss the pros and cons of both Shutters and Roller Blinds.


Kids Room Blinds

Shutters: Shutters can be easily operated by children as they are very hearty window coverings.  They’re beautiful (duh) and are great for big and small windows. Not only for all these reasons but also that they can have custom coloring!  You can choose the color you want from pale blue to hot pink, to standard colors like white and cream. Using a damp cloth is a simple cleaning solution.


The downsides of shutters as a kids room blinds:

  • The are not blockout!  While shutters do block most of the light, there will be gaps along the track and in between louvres that will let in some light.  If you want a pitch dark room then these are not for you. In fact, we have had quite a few customers call us to install blockout roller blinds under or over their existing shutters that they purchased from another supplier.  In each instance the customer felt cheated that they weren’t made aware of the room darkening issue when they bought the shutters.
  • They take up a lot of space in the room when stacked.  Not everyone has a huge room with enough free space to house the stacked panels in a way that won’t be cumbersome.

Roller Blinds

Kids Room Blinds


Roller blinds are the most common blind we sell in a child’s room.  From chic, kid friendly designer fabrics to metallic blockout roller options, there are tons of colors and fabrics to fit your space.  Blockout materials are completely blockout meaning that no light penetrates the actual material. The only way light gets in is through the gaps on the sides which we alleviate mostly by affixing the blinds above the window and to the sides as well.  Most rollers for a child’s room are wipeable as well, which means maintenance is much easier that any other curtain or blind option.


The downsides of roller blinds:

  • They don’t allow for light filtering.  This means that either the blind is up or it is down.  There is no way to angle the light where you want it to go.
  • Privacy is an issue.  With a Blockout Roller Blind, anyone would be able to see in the room when the blind is up.  The only way to maintain privacy is to lower the blind, effectively blocking out all of the light even during the day. (NOTE: It is possible to use a double bracket or to utilize two separate blinds to install a sheerweave roller. This is for privacy as well as a blockout for light reduction).


The bottom line is that there are enough options of blind types and colors to make every mom and tot happy!

Let us help you decide: