Kitchen Blinds – Which Ones For Me?

Kitchen Blinds

As a Mom, I can tell you that we spend most of our day in and out of the kitchen.  The kitchen is a place of both stress and tranquility. It is where we nurture our little one’s stomachs (let’s be honest, our own tummies as well!), where homework is done at the kitchen table, where messes are made by tots helping to cook, and where meals for family gatherings are prepared.  The kitchen is the focal point of our home. I guess it makes sense that we get so many calls for Kitchen Blinds!

Kitchen Blinds

Pipe Dream

The most important thing about choosing a kitchen blind is the type of blind and how it will be affixed.  Roller Blinds require enough space to fit into the window reveal. If there isn’t sufficient space then we don’t recommended them for kitchens.  A bracket for a Roller Blind is at either end of the blind. This means that we will be drilling into your wall (if there isn’t space in the reveal) next to the blind.  Sometimes these pipes leading to the sink, washing machine, or dishwasher are directly where we need to drill. In these cases we recommend the customer get a specialized plumber in to trace the pipes to ensure they’re not in our way.


Assuming the blind fits into the Recess or there are no pipes to be found, then PVC blockout Roller Blinds or Sheerweave Roller Blinds are great options for kitchens.  They’re wipeable, beautiful, and practical. They also come in tons of color choices!

Kitchen Blinds

White Or Not?

We like white blinds for kitchens.  It isn’t always the most practical choice and definitely not the ONLY choice by any account.  However, white tends to make the space look clean and tidy. And let’s face it, with a sink full of dirty dishes and splatter all over the floors, a little “clean and tidy” never hurt anyone!


We recommend lighter colors to make the space look bigger than it is. We aren’t all  blessed with expansive kitchens!  However, sometimes there’s already a lot of white throughout the customer’s kitchen: white cupboards, white floors, white walls.  In these cases we look for something with a bit of contrast so it doesn’t look quite so clinical.

Kitchen Blinds

To Faux Or Not To Faux

There are a couple nice options of Kitchen Blinds that are easy to maintain in this environment.  One that doesn’t is Natural Wood. Wood Venetian Blinds do NOT do well with water and food splatter and will ultimately not last as long as a Faux-Wood Venetian Blind.  Faux Wood, also referred to as Plaswood, is a composite material with tons of different colors and finishes. It is completely wipeable which makes it a practical choice for Kitchen Blinds.

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