Blinds for a Building – Where To Start

Blinds for a Building

We work with a lot of contractors so it’s not so unusual to get a call from one we know or from one who has heard of us from a friend.  The call is usually short but sweet, “Hi, my name is XXXX and I need blinds for a building.

Blinds for a Building

From there, we assess what kind of blinds the customer is looking for: Wood Venetians, Aluminium Venetians, Roller Blinds, or Vertical Blinds.  Our goal is to glean as much information as we can on the initial call so we can:

  • Set up a quote for an appropriate amount of time and
  • To have an idea of what to show our customer when we arrive for the quotation.

The Quoting Process

Blinds for a Building

The quote can take anywhere from a half hour to an hour.  We tour through the rooms the architect/building manager/property developer/interior decorator wants to outfit. We see what type of blind will best lend itself to the space at hand.  Big windows generally necessitate roller blinds. For bathrooms we often go for aluminium venetians. Boardrooms we either suggest Wood Venetian Blinds or a combination of Sheerweave Roller Blinds coupled with Blockout Roller Blinds in the event of projection presentations that require a room-darkening ability.

Blinds for a Building

We finalise colors and rough measurements.  A rough measurement is different from our final measurements in that we only take two measurements per window. This is as opposed to four for final measurements so it is much quicker.  In a block where the windows are all uniform we might just count up the windows and take a rough measurement of each size.

Accepted Quote!

For a large building a team of two of our top measurement experts go out to site once the building is ready for the blinds: windows and all plastering are installed and any tiling around windows (think bathrooms and kitchens) are in.  We take our time to thoroughly measure each window, checking and double checking as we go ahead. It is at this point that we decide with our customer on which side the controls go on. We recently completed a project of 42 blinds and each one was a perfect fit!  The Decor Connection takes great pride in measuring accurately.


Blinds for a Building

As installation day draws near when installing blinds for a building we prepare enough staff members.  We check each and every blind for possible damage or imperfections. We let the customer know how much time we will need for installation and make sure to book enough time to complete the job.  Seldomly do we need to come back the next day to finish the job.



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