Are Roman Blinds out of Style?

For a long time, I avoided eye-contact when a customer brought up Roman blinds.  Usually they contacted me because they needed a repair on existing Roman Blinds and the guy I always used stop doing these repairs because they were too time-consuming and not worth his while.

Roman Blinds - Open

Then I found a manufacturer of mine that makes absolutely stunning Roman Blinds.  They come in pre-selected fabrics that stand the test of time. These aren’t the standard materials that you can pick up in any fabric shop. No, these materials are made to sit in the sun day-in and day-out.  They’re durable, hearty, and beautiful. Not only that, but these are not your Mom’s Roman Blinds. These Roman Blinds have clearly defined panels, neat pleats and boast a modern mechanism that doesn’t go up skew.

We had a customer who had lots of bay windows throughout her house and needed blinds.  Bay windows are tricky because you don’t want big gaps where the blinds meet. Roman blinds are a good answer but it takes a trained eye and skilled measurements to get a blind that neatly lines up to the ones on either side.  We managed to get all three looking amazing. The customer chose a dark grey/charcoal heavy, warm, textured material. When done right, the material doesn’t rub on each other to cause fraying.

Roman Blinds - Bay Window

Roman blinds are difficult to measure perfectly.  They have to sit just above the windowsill that it can fully hang without being obstructed.  Nothing looks worse than a Roman blind that touches the windowsill without being fully extended.  It just bunches in between panels and looks so unsightly. That’s why we tell customers the blind might sit up to 5mm. Above the window sill, depending on how straight the window is (or isn’t).

The type of customer who generally goes for a Roman Blind is a customer who is drawn to curtains but has had enough of heavy materials that always get in the way and are a burden to clean.  Usually they feel they want their wall space back in the room. The attraction to a Roman Blind is that they give the feel of a curtain and the customer doesn’t feel all the beautiful material is wasted rolled up all day.  They love the elegance of the panels and the practicality of the modern mechanism that makes them so easy to operate. They also have extras that can be added that really make a statement from designer ribbons to crystal tassels and scallops.

Roman Blinds - Kitchen

Roman blinds come in the same categories as Roller Blinds: sheerweave, light filtering, and blockout.  Most customers go for blockout but just the other day a stunning couple in a retirement estate needed something light filtering for their kitchen.  They chose a stunning print called “Oslo” with a beautiful horizontal texture with contrasting colors.

Roman Blinds - Dining Room

Whether it’s one window, a bay window, or a few windows in the room, Roman Blinds have a classic look that never goes out of style.